Well, the first one has definitely gotta be "What's The Givolution"?

The Givolution is a revolution in thoughtful, hyperlocal gift giving.


Let's follow that up with 'Why Should I Join?"

We all give gifts at some time or another, right? When you buy a gift from Bäux, you are supporting the people in Sheboygan County who make all this fantastic stuff. If you live here they are your family, your friends, and your neighbors who live, shop and play in Sheboygan County. The money stays here in Sheboygan County and strengthens the local economy.

Yeah, there's always a wise guy. So you're not from Sheboygan County, don't know anybody from Sheboygan County, and probably don't even know where the %*#$ Sheboygan County is - why should you buy Bäux?

It's really quite simple. A gift from Bäux is a sublime bliss module crammed full of delectable selects. We pack more into a gift box than any other gift company out there. You've got my word on it!

How do you ship meat and cheese?

When needed, we use reusable gel packs (we think your people are worth it!) and thermal bubble envelopes.

What happens if I forget to write a message for the gift?

Hey, it happens more often than you think! Should you forget to scribble your heartfelt thoughts in the message box, we will write, "Please enjoy (package name) courtesy of the purchaser."

What if I want to personalize a box with my own brand, or item from home?

We can do it! Contact our concierge to make arrangements. We do have concierge fees based on the complexity of the personalization.

Could I have a gift box from Bäux delivered to a local hotel?

Absolutely. This is a great way to welcome guests for weddings, conferences, reunions, etc. Simply select local delivery as your shipping option. Our local hotels are happy to hand their guests a box. It makes them look good too!

Is Bäux available in stores?

Funny you should ask. Not yet, but we plan to open our first retail location in Spring of 2018. Good ahead and stalk us on FB (giftbaux) and you'll be among the first to know the details.

And finally....Who is Bäux?

Bäux is a creative collaboration between five partners who commited their talent and coin to launching The Givolution because they thought it a worthwhile thing to do. We are Paula Kletzien - The Böss, Blaine Huber (Huber Creative, LLC) -The Bränder, Alexandra Guevara - The Märketer, Alex Torres - The IT Güy, and Marcos Guevara - The Beäncounter.