Corporate Gifts

Studies indicate that employees spend about 2 hours a day surfing the internet for subjects
unrelated to their jobs. Let’s see if we can’t bump that up to about 3 1/2 hours today, shall we?
Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a special client, showing your appreciation to a valued
vendor or simply sucking up to the boss — you’re smack-dab at the epicenter of the Givolution.
So keep your head down, the volume low and your credit card close at hand.
Swimmers, take your mark. Get set... SHOP!

Great corporate gifts for every occasion.
We know your company has a long list of clients and customers that you want to amaze with some awesome Sheboygan stuff. Our Gift Fairies are giddy as all get-out waiting  to provide personal assistance with your business gifting needs. Short lists are fine, but in all honesty, we do prefer long lists. They keep the gift fairies busier! 

Customize it? You bet! We'll add your collaterals, special note,
or whatever company doo-hickey or gee-gaw you want to throw in.
Contact us at concierge@giftbaux.com or (920) 395-8355.