About Us

Paula Kletzien, Baux FounderPaula Kletzien isn't the first person to have this idea, she's just the first to have the passion to pull it across the finish line. Her hero is an 89 year-old nun. Capitalism is cool... but what if we harness the purchase power of our gift giving dollars and give people a supremely thoughtful way to support local businesses? What if the gifts are wickedly and righteously fun? AND what if they give you that warm tingly feeling when the hair stands up on the back of your neck after? That's 'The Givolution'!

Blaine Huber, Baux

Blaine Huber (Huber Creative & The Idea Works) threw his magic on the brand. It's beautiful, it's nostalgic, it's edgy, and it's extremely clever. He tucks humor bombs into Baux collaterals, and has created an audience of fans who read every bit of writing, and examine every last scrap, to make sure they haven't missed some of the fun. C'mon....Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors Baux? It's genius stuff. Now go look for those hidden Easter eggs!

Alexandra Guevera, BauxAlexandra Guevara is a catalyst. She thrives on analyzing facts, data, and the detailed aspects that differentiate people, companies, brands, and products. With more than 20 years of experience, she believes reputation is measured through the actions taken in order to change and improve peopleís lives. She believes that 'outstanding' is the only option. If a brand has a soul, it is best housed in the heart of Senora Guevara.

Alex Torres, Baux ITAlex Torres. He'll school you on the difference between Nerd and Geek. He's a Geek, not a Nerd. He's also a genius. He used to work in a high-stress IT job for Walmart S.A. Lived on Five Hour Energy and Red Bull. Decided there had to be a better way. He chose to call Sheboygan, Wisconsin his home. Their loss, our gain! Seriously, Miss Wisconsin, he could be your gain, too!

Marcos Guevara, Chief Fun Officer at BauxAnd then there is Marcos Guevara! Man, if you ever have the opportunity to drink Tequila & Granita with Marcos DO NOT turn it down. Your sides will hurt from the laughter. A retired helicopter pilot for the US Navy, his MBA in International Business has him in hot demand. But ladies...back off, he's married to the lovely Alexandra. Marcos is our Chief Fun Officer. That one's pretty obvious.

Matthew Guelig, Head of Operations at Baux

Detail oriented and focused, Matthew ensures that the accounting stays transparent and reliable. His highly analytic personality and passion for the logic behind numbers is one of our sources of peace of mind. What makes him an outstanding accountant though, is his ability to connect with people and show them how numbers can be fun.  379,246 x 644 - 244,234,424 = 0. See, it's a blast!