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Your Just In Time For a Bäux Valentine!

Amaze your Valentine with a gift from Bäux.

Hello February! It's that time of year when you struggle to come up with a unique, beautiful, heartfelt gift for your sweetheart. Don't sweat it...send them a ridiculously fun and delicious cornucopia of assorted utopia from Bäux. From chocolate and cheese to sausage and socks, we've got everything you need to build them a box.

Help yourself...today there are no limits!

Valentines gifts from Bäux


Bäux Across America

The Gift Fairies at Bäux are giddy as all get-out. Here's why. They've been shipping gifts of "Gramma's Secret Stash', 'The Euphorium Emporium', and 'Treasure Trove' (to name a few) to your favorite someone(s) for almost two years. They love fun hand-packing every single gift, but when January hits, things slow down at Bäux HQ. So Gift Fairy #4 decided to count how many states we've reached. Turns out, we're only five states away from blanketing the country.Wisconsin Gifts

If you have preferred people in our five missing states, send them preferred stuff from Sheboygan. Your name and noted achievement will go on our Big Wäll of Bräg at Bäux HQ!

It Was A Very Good Year!


Thank You to all who supported our local businesses and helped strengthen our local economy in 2016. When you send someone a gift from Bäux your money stays right here in Sheboygan County. (China doesn't get a penny!) On behalf of Sartori, Old Wisconsin, Kohler Chocolates, Wigwam Socks, Drewry Farms, Saxon CreameryOlivu, Palo Popcorn, Legend Larry's, Gibbsvilleand all our other vendors, the gift fairies at Bäux say thanks for keeping our wings fluttering during the recent cold snap.

Let us help you give the perfect gift in 2017!

Later is The New Better

Later is the new better

Your gift will arrive late, but if it's a gift from Bäux they really won't care! Send them a 'Box of Wow' filled with hometown favorites. Order as much of this stuff as you want...it's our job to figure how to jam down the lid! Remember, if it isn't a gift from Bäux, it's a gift box faux pas!

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It's Official!

Wisconsin Cheese Curds

The good folks at Pinterest let us know that this is our most popular Pinterest pin. No surprise to us! If you've never had a cheese curd you're probably wondering why this noble nugget has such a cult following. It's not just the fresh squeak that we love, although most agree that is charming and playful.

There are many other ways to enjoy a cheese curd. Locally, the Bäux gift fairies have observed people deep frying them in a bread batter, then dipping them in ranch sauce. These appetizers don't last long. But if you're feeling bi-curious, the best application we found is melting the cheese curds for a quesadilla, and topping them with some Jams, Jellies & More Cherry Salsa. Truly out of this world!

But thanks Pinterest for confirming what we already knew. Cheese Curds Rock!


Gift Box Sale

Everyone loves a sale... especially the Bäux Gift Fairies! Send your favorite Sheboygan stuff to your favorite someone and SAVE 15% when you use Promo Code: I'M ELFISH! Good through the month of December. Now aren't you glad you took the time to explore the website?  Keep looking..you'll find more gems.

All the Best. From SHEBOYGAN!

Best Christmas Gift Ever!

The Gift Fairies at Bäux love to brag. In fact, that's pretty much all we do. All the hometown 'nuggets of awesome' make our job easy. When you need to send a Thank-You, Birthday, Congratulations, Holiday, or Hostess gift, remember - If it isn't a gift box from Bäux, it's a gift box faux pas!

Announcing The Very First Bäux Holiday Catalog

Wisconsin Gifts

The Bäux 'Gift Fairies' love to brag about all the quality products made right here in Sheboygan County. In fact, that's pretty much all we do... when we're not packing boxes. That's why they are so excited to announce the first edition Bäux 'Holiday' catalog. 

When this reporter caught up with Gift Fairy #9 to ask his opinion on the catalog, all he could say - in between packing boxes - was this, 'We are 'Catalog' worthy!' I noticed a certain amount of Kleenex on the floor.

The Bäux 'first edition' holiday catalog showcases brand humor, along with the amazing products that our family, friends, and neighbors produce right here, in Sheboygan County. 

Every gift you send from Bäux supports them. That's the Givolution at work! We make it easy for you to SUPPORT LOCAL. We also make it fun.

#FunFactFriday On FB


At this point in our relationship, you know we are playful, a bit nostalgic, and dedicated to giving amazing gifts that represent the best of 'Sheboygan County'. But...did you know that we believe one of the greatest gifts you can give is laughter and a smile? That's why we tuck humor into every gift we send. When you 'Join The Givolution' and support our local businesses, you are sharing the love... and the laughter.

For more Bäux humor, follow us on FB, Twitter and Pinterest @ Giftbaux. You'll also get notices of Flash Sales, discounts, new product launches and of course nostalgia for all things Sheboygan!


Mid-Terms Are Almost Here!

Hey, moms and dads! Did you know that a College Care Package from Bäux almost always guarantees a potential 18% improvement in mid-term grades? It also lets them know they are loved and missed. Well....loved, definitely loved!

Bäux has the best college care packages anywhere!

A Brief Explanation of Why The Bäux Gift Fairies Love Cows.

The best of Sheboygan

Cows = Milk
Milk = Cheese
Cheese = Awesome... just like every gift we send.

(we could complicate it with a deeper, more profound statement about the proud cheese tradition in sheboygan county, and follow that with a pitch for three amazing cheese companies that do business right here: gibbsville, sartori and saxon creamery. then we might follow that up with a pretentious brag about how many international, and national awards they win, but that would defeat the purpose of this bläug post's title, so we'll just keep this follow-up in lowercase and hope that the sticklers for 'truth in headline accuracy' don't scroll down this far.)


College Care Packages 101

When you need a convenient and convincing way to say 'Sorry, we turned your bedroom into an office' we recommend Neidermeyer's Extra Credit. They'll forgive you every time!

A Bäux College Care Package sends the love!