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Bäux Now Has Kohler Chocolates

Put “eat chocolate” at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least you’ll get one thing done.

KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates launched in 2007 with their flagship Terrrapins. Since then, chefs in the KOHLER kitchens continue to create new, artisanal, small batch chocolates. Hand made with the finest ingredients, we are pleased to offer them to you.



Bäux launched The Givolution in Sheboygan, WI on Dec.4th, 2014 

What is the Givolution?

It's thinking about our neighbors a little more often than we are used to. Where do they work? What does their company do? The Givolution entails making a concerted effort to learn about and support local businesses. How well do you know Sheboygan County? Do you know all of the products that we have at Bäux? The Givolution is about strengthening our community, and celebrating the Sheboygan state of mind.

Join the Givolution!




After years of being urged to 'Think outside the box' we at Bäux are doing an about face. We want you to contemplate the 'Sheboygan Dipped in Awesome' things we tuck inside every box. Each item  - produced here, or headquartered here - comes highly recommended by us. Quality stuff made by people who take pride in their work. The cross section of great commerce meeting some great folded cardboard. (Never underestimate the beauty of folded cardboard.)

A gift box from Bäux makes a perfect Christmas gift, or Thank You gift or Hostess gift. And let's not forget Boxing Day on Dec. 26th...It's the perfect day to give Bäux!