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December 7th is International Civic Aviation Day

Miss Nellie Zabel was a pioneer in early aviation. Born in Yankton, South Dakota, she grew up with a serious hearing disability, but that didn't prevent her from earning a pilots license. Her father, Charley Zabel, moved back to Sheboygan. He bought her an airplane, which she named 'Pard', to insure she would come visit him. 

Sheboygan Aviation History from Giftbaux.com

Photo courtesy of the Sheboygan County Historical Research Center.

20th Anniversary of The Golden Bratwurst

The 'Golden Bratwurst' Christmas Ornament only at GiftBaux.com

The Golden Bratwurst is not for everyone. We get it. But it does make a magifticent gift for family members and friends who yearn for their Sheboygan roots. It comes with the 'Legend of the Golden Bratwurst', a quirky, over the top, Sheboygan tale filled with Ya der heys and En so's. 

Local artist Joe Kohlbeck's one-of-a-kind hand blown glass ornaments are a LIMITED EDITION.

Crackers in the Bäux

Potter's Crackers are now available at GiftBaux.com

Cheese and sausage go best on a cracker. We've finally found one to add to the Bäux product family. Yes.. we know that Potter's Crackers are made in Madison, WI. But if you read the fine print in our literature we say that 'most of these products come from Sheboygan County'. From time to time we'll add products from other Wisconsin communities when we can't find a similar product produced here. Hometown nuggets of awesome.. that's what we're all about.

Shoe-boygan History

Leftovers from either the Leverenz Shoe Company or the Jug Shoe Company. Ironically, both families iived in the 200 block of Huron Avenue.

'Perfect for use as DOOR STOP, BOOK ENDS, LAMP BASE, HISTORIC KNICK KNACKS'. The Bäux Gift Fairies can think of at least eleven more perfect uses: NUTCRACKER, EGG SMASHER, HALLOWEEN PROP, CARPAL TUNNEL THERAPY TOY, ETC...

Humorous gifts from Giftbaux.com

A Few Words About the Curd

There are national holidays, and then there are National Holidays! Today we celebrate that squeaky orange hometown 'nugget of awesome', that supremely fortunate cheese by-product that has come into it's own as a cheese hero - the cheese curd. Gibbsville Cheese Curds happen to be one of our top sellers. Why? They are a nostalgia food. They are as much fun to send to friends, as they are to receive.

For those of you unfamiliar with this humble little bite, we give you 'The Official BÄUX Cheese Curd Primer.

National Cheese Curd Day

The Bäux Standard

Putin's Birthday is a no go at Bäux.

Make no mistake... Vladimir Putin is out of bounds. You could attempt to purchase a birthday box for Vlad, but we will refund your money, and refuse to send it. Also, don't even think about ordering one for Kim Jong Un. Bäux Gift Fairies don't like to be political, but we are proud of the fact that every product we carry is 100% American-made, 100% Wisconsin-made, and 95.2% Sheboygan County-made. That's why we say, 'All the Best. From Sheboygan.'

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Gratitude with an Attitude

World Gratitude Day at giftbaux.com

At Bäux we take gift giving seriuosly. We seriously think everyone should give gifts. Every day of the year. There's always something to be grateful for. And there is no better way to say 'Thank You' than sending an amazing dream capsule filled with 'shizzle that will blow their mizzle' than a hand-picked, hand-packed gift from Bäux.

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Bäux 101: Branding

Old Sheboygan Press Ads from giftbaux.com

The Gift Fairies at Bäux love to ship Sheboygan Selects to your favorite someone(s). We wake up every day happy to find a new list of deliveries - just like the elves at the North Pole. But we take it one or two steps further: we combine nostalgia and humor into our gifts. We remind people of another era. And we believe that laughter is one of the greatest gifts you can give. A gift from Bäux NEVER disappoints.

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Häppy Friendship Day!

Friendship Day

From cheese to chocolate, sausage to socks, syrup to salsa, and so much more, we can create a Sheboygamazing gift for your favorite someone. Go ahead and take 20% off with Promo Code: FRIENDSHIPISM

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Home Sweet Home

Kohler Chocolates Peanut Butter Bar

Here we go bragging again! But when you have spectaculicious stuff made in your own back yard it's kinda hard not to toot your own horn. The chocolate artisans at Kohler Chocolates have created the perfect ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. Or should we say Chocolate to Peanut Butter?

Curious? Add one to your own Baux and find out.

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There are Dad's... and then there are Sheboygan Dads!

Father's Day in Sheboygan, WI

The Bäux gift fairies like to brag. (Have you not been listening?)

We're proud of our cheese, sausage, chocolate, coffee, socks, salsa, syrup, popcorn...etc. But let's not forget about the men and women who do the 'Dad' stuff... We love to brag about them, too.

Sheboygan dad's 'rock' fatherhood. We don't have any particular data on this, but we know it deep down in our hearts... our Dad's deliver. And we want to say Thanks. Hope you enjoy your bacon!

Just Another Sheboygan Sunrise....

Sheboygan Sunrise

The Bäux gift fairies love to brag. That's a well established fact. Let's just say that it's a byproduct of living in this corner of the world where everything turns to gold. Sheboygan County is home to so many tremendulous things: Golf Courses, Race Tracks, Sailing Venues, Museums, Art, Cheese, Sausage, Socks. Chocolate, Coffee, Wing Sauce, Popcorn, Maple Syrup, Cosmetics, Jam, Honey, Salsa, etc..

At Baux we take the best of what's around us and create amazing gifts for every occasion. Gift Fairy #4 would like to add a 'Sunrise' to our product list. We tried to explain that a sunrise can't be tucked into a gift box. She's not giving up. When we figure out how to put this into a '10 x 10 x 4' inch box we'll let you know. In the meantime, you know where to find us....53081 or 53083. Come visit!

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Old Fashioned Snark

Sheboygan Sunday Funnies

Gift Fairy #6 was sent into the Sheboygan County Historical Research Center archives to find snippets of clever things for our Sunday Funnies feature. We've sent Gift Fairy #6 on a Mediterranean Cruise for this find.We hope she returns.

Apparently snark has always been a thing.

Happy Holiday?

Kummerspeck (Grief Bacon)

When the gift fairies are given permission to make up their very own holiday you can be certain that they're going to do it. Another holiday means another reason to Join the Givolution and send your favorite someones some of your favorites somethings from Sheboygan!

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Unique gifts from Bäux

We've got a lot to brag about at Bäux HQ. We're crazy about Sheboygan. Both the old and new. We're also crazy about the Sheboygamazing things we make here: from sumptuous cheeses, chocolates and coffee, to marvelous meats, salsas and treats there's always something  to salivate yourself silly. We've combined all our craziness into The Bäux Brägger...a new sort of newspaper. We're not sure this has ever been done before. Leave it to the gift fairies to blaze the trail. We tuck one inside every gift we send. We also put them in local coffee houses - they make a great read!

National Chocolate Mint Day

National Chocolate Mint Day

February 19th is the day our nation celebrates the  pairing of chocolate and mint. Nobody does it better than the artisan chocolatiers at Kohler Chocolates. Go ahead and send some to your Aunt Mabel, or send some to your favorite gym teacher. According to our records, neither of them got a valentine this year.

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